Positive, hard-working and reliable are words that come to mind when I think of Mel. I had the pleasure of working with Mel for a little over a year at All Terrain. I was always impressed with her ability to handle even the most difficult client situations with a smile on her face. She is well-versed in both the operational/production side of the business, as well as client management. She would be a phenomenal addition and immediate contributor to any organization or team.
— Courtney Warren, Vice President, Brand Experience at United Entertainment Group

I worked with Mel in 2014 and 2015 at the Firefly and Big Barrel music festivals. She helped my company set up vendor tables at these Red Frog events. She is extremely professional, prompt to respond, and genuinely works from a place of passion in her heart.

In my role, I regularly work with Event Directors like Mel. It’s very clear who is well prepared and who is frazzled. Mel has always been extremely well prepared. At this year’s Firefly event insane weather and intense mud threatened to shut down the entire festival. Mel worked through the nights to keep her vendor booths activated and every morning she greeted us with a smile. She’s the dream.
— Talitha Baker, The Giving Keys, Director of Events and Campaigns

Melanie has been an incredible asset and key team member in helping build the Firefly and Big Barrel brands related to camping operations. Her hard work and creative approach to operations has been exciting to see and watch grow over the last few years. She would be an amazing addition to any team or organization.
— Josh Mohr, Assistant Director of Offsite Operations at Red Frog Events

Melanie is a rare mixture of creativity, knowledge, common sense and attention to detail. She gets how people communicate in today’s world- online and socially- and excels at coming up with creative ideas that grab attention from the information-overloaded consumer.
— Sarah Fisher, Marketing Communications Director at Building Engines

Melanie joined the Building Engines team as an intern in the summer of 2009 and functioned as one of my direct reports. Throughout the course of the summer she was tasked with a variety of duties but was primarily focused on the management and deliverables associated with a large multi-month project for one of our larger clients.

Melanie worked with our client to help them setup and automate the process surrounding the management of their Certificates of Insurance (COI’s). She helped the client to build processes into the Building Engines application to help them to better track their existing COI’s as well as better manage the renewal process. She successfully completed the project before returning to school in the fall and the client has been very happy with system she helped them to build.

Overall, I was very pleased with her effort and contributions while she worked with us. She took her position at Building Engines seriously and was committed to doing her best. She was thoughtful; focused; inquisitive; worked to completion and was consistently motivated to execute. Our client enjoyed working with her as well and they have repeatedly expressed their appreciation for her efforts.

I would highly recommend Melanie to future employers based upon her time at Building Engines.
— Kyle Maikath, VP Client Sales and Support at Building Engines

Melanie was a very valuable asset to Fleming Entertainment during a period of huge growth for our company in the summer of 2011. Her day to day duties included social media updates, band, venue, and festival research, hands on involvement in events, artists submissions, and artist management. I would recommend Melanie for any position due to her creativity, punctuality, cooperation with others, reliability, and hard work ethic.
— Andrew Brodeur, Vice President at Fleming Entertainment Enterprises

Melanie was a valuable member of the 2010 Bear Naked Granola Mobile Marketing Tour Brand Ambassador team! Her enthusiasm and can-do attitude were infectious, and her ability to talk to anyone in a positive manner was essential in running a successful event! She was a team player, great communicator, and I’d be happy to work with her again!
— Lindsay Johnson, Mobile Marketing Tour Manager at On Board Entertainment